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Afssa is a public independent organism contributing through monitoring, alert, research and research instigation to the protection and improvement of public health, animal health and welfare, vegetal and environmental health.

HAL- Afssa is a self-archiving platform allowing for the filing and consultation of all of the scientific production produced by the Agency's researchers and scientific evaluators (excluding notices): this area includes "traditional" research materials (articles, communication concerning congresses, posters, research reports, etc.) as well as documents pertaining to the evaluation of risks, including the reports produced by Afssa following the requests that it receives from its guardian ministries, from approved consumer organisations or from its own self-requests.
Moreover, all of the notices and reports produced by the Agency since it was created are now available on-line in full-text form on the Afssa website.

The purpose of HAL-Afssa is to:
- Optimise scientific and institutional visibility of Afssa and of its laboratories
- Ensure that the results of the Agency's research are distributed
- Ensure continuity for the data stored in the archive

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